Our subsidiary, The Secret Shopper, needs an apartment complex evaluation performed this week in Dickinson, ND.

Job description:

  1. register with our shopper database. Once registered we can assign the shop to you and provide instructions.
  2. Posing as a potential renter, call the location and ask what they have available, and schedule an onsite visit (<5 minutes).
  3. Perform an on-site visit and check out the model apartment (<30 minutes).
  4. After leaving the location, submit an online survey (<15 minutes) . Provide comments on your impressions of the unit, and customer service experienced.
  5. Get paid via PayPal or paper check.  Pay is $60 for less than an hour of work.

We are members of the MSPA, are A+ rated with the BBB and perform hundreds of nationwide shops a month.  If you are new to mystery shopping, take precautions to avoid mystery shopping scams.