Top 5 Mistakes Made by Sales Teams and How to Avoid Them

The sales team and employees of a business are not just selling products and services—they’re representing your brand as a whole. There are many circumstances that can influence customer service quality, from understaffing to inexperienced workers. These issues can often seem small or commonplace, but they can actually hurt customer [...]

April 30th, 2018|

How Does Mystery Shopping Protect Consumers?

  Since the 1940s, when solely used to measure employee integrity, mystery shopping has developed into a legitimate practice used to gather important information and gauge overall performance. All this investment protects not only the business — it also translates into ethical protection for consumers. It’s not just retail businesses [...]

January 15th, 2018|

5 Ways to Optimize Your Retail Sales Team for Holiday Shopping

You’ve finished your Thanksgiving feast, watched all the football games, and are getting ready for the next holiday activity: Black Friday shopping. Black Friday sales are as much of a Thanksgiving tradition as the Macy’s Day Parade. So it’s no surprise that stores around the country need to make the [...]

December 15th, 2017|

Top 3 Benefits of Mystery Shopping in the Retail Industry

As a business owner, have you ever wished you could see the inner workings of your company the way your customers do? Have you ever wanted to see how your employees interact with customers without the pressure of you watching? Mystery shopping could be the perfect solution to this, especially [...]

January 15th, 2017|

How to Compete in the Booming Senior Living Industry

Technological advances have made it possible for baby boomers to live longer, healthier lives. In fact, older adults are expected to make up 20 percent of the population by 2030. This means that as they get older, baby boomers won’t just need more access to healthcare services—they will also need [...]

January 1st, 2017|
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